Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting ready for our Branson trip

April 2008
We are getting all ready for our vacation... Have been sooooo busy....
Tore the bedroom carpet out... (it was super tacky, according to Pat) Jim put down new tile squares. Looks so pretty, nice and clean. While on to new jobs for Jim to do... we found that the
bed had been put together with staples!! Can you believe that? Cheap wood, to boot.. so.. it was all tore down and apart, rebuilt (to Jim's specificiations), and a little higher (for Pat). Now we have more storage space underneath... isn't that neat? More room for "our stuff", which I keep accumulating. Now, to be done next, is getting Thor all pretty, clean and waxed for his "showing" at the rally. (Well, we Do have to do this so the little fella can hold his head up all high and proud, right?
That is about all for now...... we all (Jim, Pat and Thor), are looking forward to getting on the road and taking care of our itchy feet. Been too long, according to Thor..