Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RV Dreamers rally...

wow...... what a wonderful time we had!! It was four days packed with good food, wonderful fellowship and meeting lots and lots of new folks.
We arrived a day early, so we were able to see all the rigs come in and meet the new kids on the block early. It was neat!
Howard and Linda really outdid themselves this year. I don't know how they will top this one.
The campground the rally was held at is Buckhorn Lake RV resort. It is such a nice camp. The pads we parked our rigs on were cement, and level!! wow. It was so easy Full hookups, which meant I could have WiFi for my Face Book!! double wow, with sugar on it.. cable TV too. We even had a small place behind our camper so folks could putt for their golf practice. It was well kept and clean.
Such a nice place to stay for the week. As we drove in the camp, we were greeted with this huge
windmill. It was beautiful. Of course, at night it was all lit up, which was right outside of our rig!
This is a picture of the entrance with the windmill.. isn't it pretty?

During the rally, we had two catered dinners, which were delicious! These folks in Texas sure can cook!! One night was a chili cookout. I brought my "Plain Jane Chili". It was not as fancy and spicy as a lot.. but people seemed to like it too. I know the judges had a difficult time choosing the winner. There were 15 entrances to be judged. People could not seem to find just one they liked, so they were all walking around with plates with 6 or so little bowls all on their plates!! Maalox, here we come!!!!

During the rally, there were many seminars given. We did not attend all of them, due to the reason, mainly, that they were geared toward people wanting information about going "full-time". We are just "part-timers", and not selling our home and everything, like these folks are doing. But, we were very grateful that we were able to give some of the new timers some of
our advise that we had learned over the years. They were all such a great bunch of "newbies".

Our "next door neighbors", Jim and Linda, were folks that we met at one of the campgrounds on the way to the rally. They have the sweetest little dog that I have ever seen. His name is "Boo".
This is short for something that I cannot remember tho. I absolutely fell in love with him.
I am determined to find a way to find a way to own one just like him. As you can tell by the
picture, he is my buddy...

Our last day here was a barn burner!!! In the afternoon, a lot of the folks had a "open house" with their rigs. It is a favorite with the RV Dreamers rally attendees We had a few couples here that have not be able to decide what kind of rig they wanted to full time, so this helped them a lot, Of course it was a wonderful excuse to just sit and "jaw". It was enjoyed by all..

The evening was a hoot. It was a "Western Ho Down", with a catered dinner (with the most tender, HUGE pork chops any of us had ever seen!) After the dinner, it was time to work off all that huge dinner.... so it was time to line dance. There were a lot that danced, but a lot of us that just got a kick watching them all!

Our sponsors for the rally, Howard and Linda Payne got right out there on the floor and really hoofed it up. They stayed on the floor all night, even after the others dropped off and out..

This is a picture of them line dancing... and showing them all how to do it!!

The caller told everyone that it was just starting.. and that the Cotton Eye Joe was next. Groans...

But, they all got a cool drink and went to it. Even Speedy and his lovely wife, Sherrie got on the floor for this one... We all loved watching them.. but after one dance, he declared he was "too old for this". But, he gave it a good try..

Most everyone was in western garb, and I was even a able to get Jim in a western shirt!!!

I grabbed by cowgirl hat on the way out, and we were ready for the night...

Our good friends, which we met at last rally sat at our table, and we had such a good time! They are full timers now, but are from Iowa, right across the river from us when we lived in Illinois.

Jim and Denny spent hours comparing floods, work, and talk about music. Char, his wife, is such a wonderful gal.. and we both just love her to death..

She LOVES to line dance too.. even when it wears her absolutely out. She got off the floor, but we caught her dancing to the music on the side ground.

Denny is a absolutely wonderful singer, and he brought along his guitar, and sang to us between sets. Both Jim and I and everyone would have loved to have him sing the whole evening!! Lots of
pictures were taken of him while he was singing, so thought we would add ours too so you could see him. (Can you guess... he loves Johnny Cash songs?) We are looking forward to seeing him and Char next rally, if not before..

The next morning everyone met at the big red barn for a breakfast, good by. It was a teary, sad time for lots... everyone asked, how can we get so close to a group in just a week? Easy.. we all are "family". Speaches and lots of tears later, with lots of hugs, we were all on our way to our next destinations, with promises to meet again next year.

Our next stop was at a COE park in Texas. Only traveled about a hundred miles, but it is a great park. Time to just relax and unwind after a week of excitement and fun. We are sitting on a lake, with lots of trees around and lots and lots of deers around our rig!! The man across the way is feeding the deers, so when they hear him they all come running!!! Such a beautiful site to see!! Here is a picture of one that was taken out our back window..

Guess that is about all for now. We are on our way now to see a Army buddy of Jim's and visit with them a bit, and see their new house. We have been out on the road for a month now, but it sure does not seem possible. We have had a ball....

Take care now, all. and we will be back in a few days.

Don't forget... enjoy life.. and as always... Walk Softly.....

Pat, Jim and Thor.