Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Long-Delayed Journal..

This is a kind of After The Fact Journal. But... as I always say.... better late than never, right?

We spent a few weeks in our favorite place in the world.. The Blue Ridge Mountains recently. Unfortunately, it was kind of cut short my some illness of both Jim and I. Nothing serious, but it put a bug in our plans. We still had a good time, and enjoyed seeing God's great creation, and visiting with good friends.

Fifty percent of the time we were in the mountains, we had to endure rain... and more rain. Have you ever wondered why it is so green in the mountains? Here is a clue... it rains.... a awfully lot!
But... fifty percent was sunshine too! We just kind of learned to run between the raindrops!
With all the rain, you can imagine how the flowers loved it. My favorites this year was the Mountain Laurel. Such a delicate flower! Jim even loved them, and was constantly taking pictures of them. For your enjoyment, we are putting just a few of the pictures we took of them...

Our good and dear friends, Jim and Beth came up to the top of the mountain to spend some time with us. We always look forward to seeing them, and catching up with all our news. Beth's birthday falls on the same month as Jim's... so we celebrated two birthdays during their visit.
Being the good cook that Beth is.. she surprised Jim with a birthday cake. He loved it... his favorite, chocolate. But it had a surprise!!! Trick candles!!! But, Jim being Jim... was not going to let it get the best of him... those poor little candles did not have a chance!

To celebrate, we all went over to the restaurant at Pisgah Inn, and had a wonderful meal. The setting is beautiful. Windows surround the restaurant and there is no a table to be found that does not have a wonderful view of the mountains. Of course, after eating, we all had to go out to the deck and take some pictures to commemorate the occasion...

Springtime and early summer is such a beautiful time to visit the Parkway. Everything is new, and green. The flowers are all blooming along the Parkway like no other time of the year. The new little baby animals are all just making their first appearance, and it is not unusual to see a proud Mother Deer, showing off her new little fawn. Turkey abound like nothing you have seen... we never cease to be amazed by the beauty and wonder of this beautiful place.

As I said, our visit this time was kind of short, but it was a wonderful time.
Our time at home is awfully busy... we are getting ready to set out again on our next adventure . Thor says he is barely being given time to catch his breath. But, he too, is looking forward to our next excursion. We will be heading out to New Mexico!!! Wow, we are looking forward to this SO much! We will be attending the balloon festival in Albuquerque. Both Jim and I have dreamt for years about being able to attend this wonderful event. On the way, we will be going to Roswell, NM.... Do you know about this place? They say aliens landed here!!!! Do you think we might be able to see any of those little green people? You know me... I sure will be looking for them!
After the festival, we will be going to Kerrville, Texas to attend a RV Rally. This will be with the same group of folks that we spent time with last year in Branson, MO. We are looking forward to seeing them all again
This coming trip will have more pictures and writings on our blog than our trip to the Blue Ridge.
This is due to the fact that in the mountains, it is very difficult to have any kind of communications on my computer, and not many places one can find to make contact.
We are hoping you will be tuning in and following us on our next venture... we would love to have you along....

Till then... we leave you with good thoughts and best wishes. And as always... WALK SOFTLY...