Sunday, June 22, 2008

We're Home!!!

Ah... home looks good!!!
Always so nice to be able to go and see new places and meet new folks.. but time comes when a little internal clock says "time to go home". Guess they call that the "nester" in me. I start to long for my flowers and yard... and, oh yes, a nice long, long shower. Living in a rig, such as ours, is kind of like living in a doll house. Everything is small, small, small. Cute as a bugs ear, but it starts to wear on one after a few weeks. Jim has a difficult time at the gas pumps... $100.00 for a fill up kind of puts his nerves on edge. But.... it is all worth it. We are looking forward to saving our nickles and dimes for our next "mini vacation" in a few months. We will be spending it in the Blue Ridge mountains. Jim and Thor think it is almost next to Heaven. We are all looking forward to that. In October we will be writing about our trip to Illinois, for Pat's class reunion. No... won't be telling you which one!! So... that is about all for now. Check in again, and join us all on our next excursion..... Till then... everyone take care... and God bless...

Jim, Pat and Thor