Sunday, November 1, 2009

Newspaper article at the Balloon Festival...and more..

A week or so ago we promised to put in the newspaper article that was done while we were attending the balloon festival. Has taken awhile to get it to you, but here it is...
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On the way back home, we visited a few places that were of historical importance, and we found very interesting. The Texas Ranger Museum was of special interest to Jim. Men seem to be very interested in law enforcement of years ago. The guns that they had on display was very well put together. Jim even got to handle one, and was astounded how much they weigh! The art work through out was beautiful. I found especially interesting the display they had on Bonnie and Clyde. It included the guns that were used at the time of arrest and pictures, that were somewhat gruesome, I felt. Outside of the building was a awesome statute of a Texas Ranger on his horse. The whole showing of the Rangers was done is such good taste, and very interesting, that I would highly recommend anyone passing by that way to stop in and see it.
In case you would like to look into visiting, it can be found in Waco, Texas

Our last stop, while heading back home, was Vicksburg Military Park in Mississippi. Even though we had visited the park before, we still found it interesting enough to want to go back again. The park is a drive through, and a cassette can be obtained, telling one about each stop along the way.
After its surrender, Vicksburg became an occupied city for the rest of the war. In Feb. 1864, Maj. Wm. Sherman marched across the state from Vicksburg to Meridian in the first manifestation of his concept of total war that would later "make Georgia howl' during the March to the Sea.
The drive though the park is 16 miles long. For history buffs, this is a absolutely must to see.
At the end of the drive, is the Union ironclad gunboat, U.S.S. Cairo.

On December 12, 1862, while steaming up the Kazoo River, it was destroyed by two explosions, tearing gaping holes in the boats bottom. Within minutes, it sunk. It was the first vessel in history to be sunk by an electrically detonated torpedo, which is today called a mine.

In the 1960's, it was brought up and preserved, where it can now be seen by the public. It is now on display at the a U.S.S. Cairo Museum adjacent to the Vicksburg National Cemetery.

So.. it was finally time for us to head on back home. Even Thor said he was tired!!! The last day was not the best of days.. It rained all night and kept up raining the whole trip back to Conyers.

Those who travel in RV's know what a nasty job it is, breaking down and traveling in storms.. But we made it home.. for which we were very thankful. It is always so great, coming home too..

Hope you enjoyed our vacation with us... it was nice having you along...

Till we get itchy feet (and tires) again... everyone take care... God bless...

Smile... enjoy life... and as always... Walk Softly.....

The Thomas'

Jim, Pat and Thor