Friday, April 20, 2012


Our travels seem to be a lesson in patience.  But....  we are moving along.
While in Sommerville, Texas, our next experience was with our truck.  We were traveling down the road, when we started hearing a weird sound.  Jim was hoping that we had just run over a piece of plastic.  We hopped out right away, and by the time we got out, our tire was deflated about 90%.  We could not believe that a tire could go flat... so fast.  What made it even more strange was what made it go flat.  See the following pictures.  We not only had a puncture, the whole needle-nose pliers was inside the tire, with just the tip being seen.  The man replacing our tire said he had never seen such a thing.  Needless to say, our tire could not be repaired, but had to be replaced .  Jim would consider nothing else than another Michelin.  These are very expensive, ours was only a year old!  ...  and the tires are a extra heavy duty, needed since we pulled a RV weighing thousands of pounds.  Thank goodness, nothing else was harmed, and we were safe too.

While here in Texas, we found the cactus blooming with the prettiest yellow flowers.  Naturally, we had to take some pictures..  I had to take some with my new little camera too... 

At our campsite here in Potter Lake is full of the sweetest little deer.  They are curious, and do not seem at all scared of us.  This little one comes by to see us early in the morning and at dusk in the evenings.
The people across the way feed them corn, but so far, we have not bought any.

Before going out shopping this morning and doing some site seeing, I took a picture of Jim in front
of our camper.  The COE parks are our favorites.  Notice the lovely lake behind us.

Monday we will be on our way again, to Kerrville for the rally. 

Take care now.... and as always...  walk softly....

The Thomas'
Jim, Pat..  (and Thor)..

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