Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day of Rally.....

It has been a great week here in Texas, but like all good things, it comes to a end.
Meeting lots of new folks.. Being with our "old" friends... It made the time go by so fast,
and here we are on our last day.
As usual, Howard and Linda close it all out with a BIG BANG.  This year the GOOD BYE DINNER theme was Hollywood Oscars. 
Our catered dinner, as usual, was something else.  Jim always looks forward to this.
You won't believe it, so the following picture shows why Jim is awed by their cooking.  see why?

Our good buddy, Denny, came in costume....

Our "wagon master", Howard, stopped by our table for a bit of conversation before the dinner.
Thank goodness, there was no dances for us this rally.  (Private joke from last rally)

Jim just HAD to take a picture of this gas pump outside of the barn.  Enlarge it, and you will see why.  Oh, those good ol' days, huh?

Howard and his wife, Linda, showed up after the dinner in full costume.  As always, they blew the place apart.   Ah, Brad and Elizabeth, you have nothing on this couple...

Our buddy, JC, stopped by to say "howdy, ma'am" to Pat before heading out the runway.

We had a wonderful time, as usual, with this group of great people.  It was our 6th rally..
Guess we are the only ones that have made it to each and everyone of the rallies.  We want
to thank Linda and Howard for all their work, and how we all appreciate them. 

Our trip home was not much to write about, other than I have never seen so much rain!!  It is always
so wonderful getting back home.  Our flowers and friends were all waiting for our return.  Isn't that
wonderful ?
That is about all for this trip.  Hoping to go up to the mountains in the Blue Ridge this summer, so
will be back then to tell you all about it when we go.  Till then, take care now... safe travels to the
full-timer friends out there on the road...
And.. as always, friends....WALK SOFTLY....

The Thomas'
Jim, Pat and Thor

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